Give a Birth Date Edition of LIFE Magazine as a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Gift

I really miss the old weekly LIFE magazines that were loaded with the news of the day, quality photographs, interesting advertisements, and opinions and editorials. About ten years ago when we were visiting an antique store in Texas, we found a treasure chest full of vintage LIFE magazines dating back to the 1930s. I decided to look for a LIFE magazine from my birth month and year, February 1956. There were two editions of the nostalgic LIFE magazines published around my actual birthday.

As I stopped to peruse the two vintage LIFE magazine birthday editions, the humor and memories poured out of the pages. First of all, I was in denial that my birth date editions of LIFE magazine were now considered “vintage” – LOL. Then, I became immersed in thoughts of what it was actually like in the world on the day I was born. From then on, I began searching for birth date editions of LIFE magazine as gifts for friends and family. The vintage LIFE magazine gift idea soon became an enormous hit for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day!

Where to Find Vintage Editions of LIFE Magazine

You can find vintage editions of LIFE magazine on eBay and other Internet sites. The vintage LIFE magazines can cost anywhere between $3 and $30. You can also purchase LIFE framed photographs and license to use the LIFE photographs at the LIFE web site. Here are a couple of resources that offer vintage editions of LIFE magazine:

LIFE Magazine: call 1-800-274-6800.
Original LIFE – this site also provides gift wrapping and a card.

Interesting Facts About LIFE Magazine

The most popular photograph in the history of LIFE magazine is “VJ Day”. The classic vintage photograph was taken on August 15, 1945. The photograph pictures a sailor embracing a woman in the middle of Times Square. Alfred Eisenstaedt, who was a staff photographer for LIFE magazine from 1936 to 1966, took the history-making photograph.

LIFE magazine began in 1883. The weekly edition of the highly acclaimed photojournalistic LIFE magazine ended in 1972, but further editions were published on a less frequent basis until the year 2000. LIFE magazine still publishes editions in local newspapers around the country.

Get Published In LIFE Magazine Newspaper Editions or the New

You can submit articles, OP/Eds, stories, and photographs for the picture puzzles to LIFE magazine to consider for publishing. (Click here for more details.)

Some Fun Laughs and Memories About LIFE in February 1956

Cost of the LIFE magazine then: 20 cents

Cover Photo: Shirley Jones rises to stardom for her new movie Carousel

Advertisements: Photo of an old TWA plane with travel ideas; Pan Am Clipper Service to Europe

News: Friction between former President Truman and General MacArthur over Korean Crisis

Politics: Congress debates over natural gas prices

Science: New fabric called Trilok reduces shrinkage in plastics

Fashion: All women are wearing dresses, the hairdos are hilarious, and Eva Marie Saint starts a new trend of mixing and matching for secretary suits.