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5 Easy Ways To Cut Sugar Out Of Your Diet

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Try to stay away from sugar

Try to stay away from sugar

Sugar may be termed by nutritionists as the modern day white poison but is difficult to curb it out of daily diet. It if found in almost everything that we eat. While the dangers of eating sugar including rotting of teeth, premature aging, bad skin, damaged kidney and chronic diseases like diabetes and kidney failure are known to all, it is still an addiction for most. Here are a few easy ways to cut sugar out of your diet:

1. Maintain a food journal

It is a known fact that people who track their eating habits by maintaining a journal are able to keep a better tab on their health. Once you start recording what you put into your mouth you become more conscious of your eating habits and start eating wisely.
You may be in self denial that your sugar intake is moderate but a look at your journal entries may provide you with the required realty check.

2. Use artificial sweetener

For those with a sweet tooth avoiding sugary treats may seem to be a torture on their souls. This is when artificial sweeteners available at chemists and grocery stores come to rescue. These can be added into your tea or coffee or even desserts you make at home. Some packaged products also come with artificial sweeteners. However these should be taken in moderation as they are known to have harmful side effects.

3. Eat in moderation to avoid binge eating

What you resist persists. If you show too much resistance towards sugar you may end up gorging up more. It is wise to practise moderation and take a mild amount of your favourite sugary treat. However keep this in check and do not go overboard. The law of diminishing utility applies to your sugar craving. The first few bites may provide you with utmost satisfaction. Hence a cheat trick is to throw away your favourite chocolate in the bin after savouring a small portion.

4. Add fruits and nuts to your diet

A slice of strawberry pie will do fine

A slice of strawberry pie will do fine

A craving or a pang could be the result of your body or mind under stress or it could be a genuine call for sugar by your body. Satiate you sugar cravings with nutrition dense fruits and nuts rather than by giving your body sugar bombs that give instant spike to your blood sugar levels followed by steep dips resulting in mood swings. A balanced diet with ample natural fruits and nuts would minimise the occurrence of such cravings.

5. Check your labels

Check the nutrition labels

Check the nutrition labels

You may think that you are practicing sugar control if you are not taking any sugary confectionaries or other goodies but you may be wrong. Many packaged products are hidden sources of sugar as they do not openly mention sugar in their contents. Many seemingly healthy options like cornflakes mention maple syrup in their contents which are major source of sugar.

While the sugar rush kicks in playtime for kids it may set in some unwanted chronic illnesses in adults. Be smart with your health and use the above tips to cut out sugar out of your diet and stay healthy and happy!

How Much Do You Really Need For Your Life Insurance

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Life Insurance Tips

Life Insurance Tips

The question of how much you really need for your life insurance can be a hard question to answer. The bottom line of getting insurance is to provide coverage for your family members and all those who depend on you for their sustenance. In case something happens to you, they can still move on and live through your own insurance. Here are some tips on how to determine your life insurance:

Determine the insurance you need

Determining the right amount of life insurance that you need is trickier than it looks. The first thing that you need to do is determine the type of life insurance that you need. Once you know this you will know the best one for you and you will then have an idea on how much you really need.

Why get a life insurance?

Get informed before you buy a life insurance plan

Get informed before you buy a life insurance plan

The first question that needs to be answered is do you really need a life insurance at all. If you have sons and daughters and you want them protected, then you definitely need insurance. You need even more insurance especially if you don’t have savings with you. Of course, you will be forced to have a savings when you get your life insurance. The next question you will answer is the type of insurance that you will get. You need to get a universal life insurance if you want to protect your family members against the destruction of your estate taxes and your businesses when you have an untimely death. If you want to prepare your family from the loss of your income, you might go better with term insurance.

Determine the exact amount

Lastly, you need to answer how much insurance that you will need. This question needs to be answered but there are steps involved before you can get a definite answer. Let us look at these steps one by one.

You need to know how much debt that you need to pay

If you have a debt to pay, do you spend more than you earn? Do you accumulate debt on a monthly basis? Do you pay your debts regularly every month? When you have a lot of debts to pay, you definitely need to buy your own life insurance.

How much do you really spend every month?

Calculate what you can afford

Calculate what you can afford

To help you answer this question, you can a use a personal budget application that you can download for free. Through these budget applications, you can determine how you earn and how much money goes out of your pocket. You can’t depend on estimates if you want a definite answer. How much do you think you need to have every month so that your family can survive for a month? You need to get accurate values so you can get the exact amount.

There are other aspects that you need to consider. Do you want to have a savings for your family? How much do you want? You have to make sure that you have enough money that your family can use in times of emergency such as medical problems and house repairs.

Insightful Leadership: Powerful Lessons From 2012

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What makes a business successful

What makes a business successful

We’re close to approaching 2014 so it’s but right to reflect on the leadership lessons in 2012. It’s a year when a lot of corporate biggies became an international sensation. Steve Jobs, for one, disappeared from public eye; Howard Schultz led Starbucks to re-emerge; and Yahoo! welcomed a new CEO. What lessons can we learn from these things?

Ingraining Your Vision to the Company

Not all leaders successfully leave their imprints behind when it’s time to step down. Unfortunately, some leaders take away their leadership investments with them. This should not be the case. Leaders should work to ingrain their own vision and align it with the company’s. They should strive to let that vision become the way of life of its lifeblood: the employees. Think about Steve Jobs. When he left, he didn’t take Apple with him. Instead, he left his legacy that Apple still lives up to this day.

Focus on Quality and Not Quantity

Quality is always better than quantity, rely on customers feedback

Quality is always better than quantity, rely on customers feedback

It’s very easy to get influenced by business ventures that are considered big. The money might be there – something that all companies need to survive – but a leader should ask whether or not taking a leap of faith is justified by importance. There are smaller ventures that prove to be more important. Leaders should distinguish between the value each business venture brings to the company. After all, the money comes automatically with the wisest decisions.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Some leaders take planning as a joke. Only a few actually take the time to plan to pre-empt scenarios that will affect a business venture. That piece of paper, those diagrams, and calculations might look like they’re nothing, but they’re actually the backbone of a successful project. With a plan comes the power to predict future challenges, future milestones, and alternatives. Any company won’t happily shrug off failure. But all companies rejoice for a well-planned and a well-executed project.

Always be in the Know

Knowledge is power. In fact, knowledge is everything. Every leader should know where they’re getting their company to before they pounce on every opportunity. This is the part where leaders become the protectors of their people and their business as a whole. Since a leader ought to lead his followers to better grounds, pursuing something he doesn’t fully understand can land him in a place called nowhere. So if you don’t know what’s going on and yet you’re interested, get to know everything about it first.

Integrity is Non-Negotiable

Keeping your word is essential for business

Keeping your word is essential for business

Business ethics is, time and time again, an ongoing problem. It causes disruption in the corporate world when companies are found to engage in unethical business practices. Leaders should strive to uphold the value of integrity at all times and at all costs. If it means letting go of a high-budget business venture, so be it. Remember that no one can take away the secrets of your business but when integrity is tarnished, there’s no use keeping it.

Leadership is an ongoing battle of values, of wills, and of beliefs. Leaders will never be able to please everyone. But remember that leadership is also about influence. From Point A to Point B, successful leaders are known to have gone through unprecedented adversities. They eat it for breakfast in the morning and use it as their pillow at night. But you should know this: no one dare move because they’re waiting for you.